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The passing of a father

It is the day that abah passed away after 5 days battling to survive his surgery. God love him more so HE took him away. There are still many things that abah would have like to witness and be apart of. His desire to travel the world, to hold his grandchildren and for all his children to succeed. I thought i wouldnt be able to live, with you not being here. but here i am as determine than before. sometimes i have to remind myself that you are no longer with the living. i cant help the tears that fell with any thought of you. even writing this few words seem tough. I love you and I miss you. i believe that you are among those HE love.

you are my light
but the wind carry you away
now i shall be one
for the coming days

Jan. 26th, 2015

I think i could never be prepared for the heartbreak that follows after a love one pass

Motivation.. where art thou?

Seriously, i'm addicted to tumblr, manga and everything not real.. need to put in more effort in living the real world.. need to stop being lazy and procrastinate.
in the meanwhile, i would've never thought that nanatsu no taizai was entertaining, hibi no chouchou also a reallyyy good shoujo manga.. its just breaming with cuteness.. waiting for love sick the series season 2.. i hope it has like 5/6 seasons.. but per season is only 12 episodes.. nooooooo.. i want more noh/captain. he is cute.


stuff that happened these past few days

1. That one friend who i thought hate me ended up doing one really good deed to me. I was touched so I decided that people forgive and friendship last forever???
2. Discover a new obsesssion by the name of jus primae noctis and love sick:the chaotic live of blue short guys..now im back to lonely cuz i have to wait for 2nd season.. urrgghhh wanna see noh
3. Had a "fight" more like misunderstanding or lack of communication that causes the rift.. hope both sides settle it soonss. Its settle but i think some of them kinda bottle out some feeling.. aiyaa this people..
4. could'nt complete my lab work because of certain technician.. ended have to go home.. now i'm gonna overthink it.. urrghhh.. in the other hand. literally, its getting painful doing ortho
5. My dinner was horrible and i am bloated..



I just told my patient turn friend that i wont stop studying until i got the title professor to my name.. hahahaha.. what was i thinking? like seriously. i dont even know if i like studying anymore or what specialty am i tackling.. on a positive side, it is a goal and if i dont find something else to pursue,, might as well try achieving this one. oh yeahhh!!!

New Yearrr....

2015 resolution

1. Lose weight (even if its only 1 kg, hahaha, gotta keep it achievable)
2. Pass my BDS exam hopefully with one distinction
3. Make peace with myself
4. Be a better daughter
5. Be a better dentist
6. Write an entry everyday (gotta keep this alive)
7. Read more

this shall be add later



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